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Clothes Care Corner

Professional Dry Cleaners


Please note that the following are only a sample of the prices charged and are correct at the time of publication. All items are cleaned on-site and never leave the premises. Cleaning normally takes around 3 to 4 days, but may be done sooner - just ask when you come in.

Coat from £11.70
Dress from £10.60
Evening Dress from £19.60
Evening Suit from £15.90
Jacket from £7.80
Jumper/Cardigan from £6.90
Raincoat from £13.40
Shirt from £1.25
Skirt from £8.30
Suit from £14.60
Trousers from £6.90
Uniform from £15.90
Bedspread from £7.20
Bed Set from £3.40
Blanket from £6.60
Single Duvet from £10.50
Duvet Cover from £2.50
Mattress Protector from £3.20
Mattress Topper from £8.80
Sofa cover from £18.80
Sleeping Bag from £10.50
Table Cloth from £4.70

Additional Services

In addition to the regular service that you would expect from a dry cleaner we are able to offer the following: